About Us

Magna Carta’s sole purpose is to empower the athletes through education to make informed decisions that will provide financial security, freedom and a sustainable legacy building plan. Most athletes report having a lack of confidence with their long term financial plan. As a result we have created a user friendly platform which provides a clear pathway to financial freedom.

The Problems

  • 80% of athletes report financial crisis within 3 years post career
  • Athlete’s incomes have shorter time periods than most professions
  • Lack of preparation for the transition from athlete to post athletic career

The Reasons

  • NO early and consistent access to resources
  • NO monitoring, ranking and evaluation of opportunities and threats
  • No full network of certified professional advisors

Our Solution

  • Team Building – A defined process on how to build, assess and communicate with a full service team of professionals. Communication platform : notes, task assignment, document upload, timelines, etc
  • Connection to Resources –  Financial tracking, curated content, guided path education and in-person consultations with top performing professionals.
  • Evaluation / Monitoring – Tracking and monitoring of both plan and team to ensure a focused performing strategy


Stewart Gill, Co-Founder

ATHLETE: Former Olympic Level Athlete
BUSINESS: Equity owner of a 5x’s Inc. magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies list.
PASSION: Focused on providing athletes a strategy and platform to achieve success.

Andre Kwan, Co-Founder

FINANCE : 18+ years sales and executive leadership
BUSINESS : Sales team management annually exceeding $150m ($1.5b+ cumulative)
PASSION: Dedicated to assist customers secure residential, commercial and investment properties.

Advisory Team

Amy Spurling

Capital Executive

Chris Placencia

Digital Director

Shelby Gosselin

Marketing Director

Melinda Houston

Sports Psychology at Occidental College

Dave McMahon

Finance at Pepperdine University

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