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Real Estate

Magna Carta Wealth is aligned with the world’s most accomplished and successful real estate brands and professionals. With the focus on smart investing combined with time tested successful strategies our professional team is here to help you and your family every step of the journey.

As an athlete, most dream of having an amazing residence to call home. At the same time investing in one of America’s longest proven models of wealth is complex and typically the largest transaction they will undertake. Magna Carta Wealth strives to educate the Athlete and their family to evaluating their best choices and making a smart decision with a team of high-performance professionals when it comes to their mid to long term wealth creation.


  • Relocation
  • Evaluating and purchasing primary residence
  • Evaluating and purchasing investment property
  • Evaluating and purchasing commercial property
  • Renovation and remodeling guidance


Magna Carta Wealth has affiliations with over 100+ of the nation’s top lending institutions to be able offer specialized solutions and programs for each player’s unique short and long term needs. We look forward to helping you understand the most important factors when it comes time to make one of life’s largest single financial decisions.

When it comes time to acquire the largest financial asset that an athlete may ever experience it is an absolute necessity that you pair the investment with the best programs for leverage and opportunity. Working with the best advisors in the country provides you with unique access to the best programs and experience to truly maximize their opportunities and also defense to risk.


  • Credit evaluation and possible credit repair
  • Pre qualification and pre approval for purchasing
  • Evaluation of refinancing opportunities to best position themselves for long term positive performance or access to equity
  • First time home buyer programs
  • Investment property purchase programs
  • Proper Loan structuring or restructuring existing debt for optimal performance
  • Government sponsored programs: FHA, VA and USDA
  • Renovation Lending Specialists

Financial Planning

A financial plan is a comprehensive evaluation of one’s current and future financial state. By assessing where you are currently a strategic plan can be implemented to set you on the right path to reach long term goals based ranging from financial security to absolute financial freedom.


  • Evaluation / assessment of financial plan
  • Short term and long term plan implementation
  • Savings strategies
  • Investment ( stocks and bonds)
  • Retirement
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance

Accounting / Taxation

Often overlooked tax planning is an important aspect to financial wellness. On the most basic level the purpose of tax planning is to ensure tax efficiency. When a tax plan is implemented all elements of a financial plan work together in an optimal fashion. By focusing on the reductions of tax liability and maximizing the ability to contribute to retirement plans legacy building becomes possible.


  • Tax preparation for accurate completion limiting liabilities
  • Taxation proactive strategies in compliance with local, state and federal regulations
  • Audit prevention and support to represent you and your business
  • Tax relief if end up owing back taxes
  • Tax laws review and advice

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